• Blankets with modern-classic-geometric-floral quilting designs (we have a large catalogue) and on request there is always a possibility to create peculiar items to satisfy even the most demanding customers, textile items winter/ summer with hypoallergenic synthetic padding  of various weights or natural paddings like cotton, wool, goose, down
  • Smooth and volumetric bedspreads with profiles, application trimmings, cords, buttons, ruffles and accessories on request
  • Textile for hotels
  • Patchwork technique
  • Textile  for boating and yachting
  • Textile items for camping – campers
  • Quilts for children
  • Blankets and pillows with various quilting designs in various sizes with fabric, leather, synthetic leather with synthetic, rubber, polyurethane padding of various weights (furniture, sofas, screens covers and etc.)
  • Cloth- rolls (with non standard dimensions)
  • Textile items, shaped and measured on request


professional craftsmen

The Quilting Textiles Pirovano has the modern, advanced machinery and experienced staff, thanks to this combination we are always ready to fulfill all kinds of demands: from single item “made to measure” to the order of more challenging work.

Our engineers due to their rich experience are able to advise and direct the customer towards the most appropriate choice, always  maintaining the high quality of a product Made in Italy.

The Quilting Textiles Pirovano offers a wide range of textile techniques, from quilted products made by means of electronics or manually (when  there is a request of patchwork type processes) up to working with multi-needle machines, continuously keeping  a very high standard .